The Holiday Respite

The Labor Day weekend afforded me a needed break. My frustrated mind found peace in those days of rest.

For the past 100 days, I encountered a litany of glitches and errors in building the 100 GPTs. Despite the irritation, I now believe this challenge presents an opportunity.

The AI wearables, like Humane’s AI Pin and the Rabbit R1, often overlook such flaws. This oversight has greatly hindered their success. I suspect their development and testing environments are so idealized that reproducing the errors users face proves difficult. A lack of true motivation to address these issues likely contributes as well.

In contrast, my experience with hundreds of glitches and errors during GPT development and use has instilled a strong drive to explore alternative approaches. I now turn my attention to Groq’s Llama3 models. Meta’s open-source AI models form the foundation, yet Groq’s LPU grants them remarkable speed.

This inevitability provides the impetus I need. I will toil to improve my GPTs, building more as I go. Ensuring they function seamlessly will be my focus. The challenges ahead are many, but I embrace them with renewed determination.


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