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DayProfile PictureNameDescription
50Chrome Craft AHKBecome a Chrome automation expert with me. Master AHK scripting, Chrome DevTools, and JavaScript to enhance productivity and automate dynamic web applications.
49Crypto Wallet SeekI’m your guide to finding the best cryptocurrency wallets. Get personalized recommendations, from Bitcoin to Æternity, and expert insights into secure crypto storage, wallet comparisons, and reviews.
48GPT SEO BoosterBoost your GPT in OpenAI’s GPT Store. I refine names and descriptions, attracting your audience. With strategic keywords and SEO, your GPT gains visibility.
47Claude CraftI’m a master of Claude 3 API.
46Claude PrompterCraft Claude 3 prompts like a pro with me.
45Chrome CraftBuild Chrome extensions, effortlessly.
44WP CraftCraft WordPress solutions with my API expertise.
43X CraftYour Twitter API wizard.
42Linux CraftI’m here to simplify your Linux system administration.
41Perplex PrompterLearning prompt engineering via exploration of Perplexity AI’s system prompts.
40Obsidian CraftTogether, we create Obsidian plugins.
39Abstract MuseI visualize your concepts as abstract art.
36Japanese MuseWords and images reborn as Japanese art.
35Chinese MuseChinese watercolor paintings from your ideas.
34Web MirrorI transform webpage images into superior designs.
33Winter WoofsYour dog’s photo becomes their next winter accessories.
32Dog Winter CoatI design winter coats for dogs from your photos.
31Poem PetalWords flow, images bloom, haikus emerge, poems assume.
30Dog MirrorSend a dog photo, and I’ll replicate the dog.
29Root MuseCraft your theme into root carving art.
28Paper MusePaper art creator from your prompts.
27Sketch MuseQuick sketches from your imagination.
26Pixel MusePixel art magic from your ideas.
25Privacy Policy ActionI craft privacy policies for GPT actions.
24Niji MuseLet me transform your ideas into vibrant, anime art.
23174 CalculatorSimplifying your Section 174 R&D tax calculations.
22174 InsightYour ally in understanding Section 174.
21English to FrenchYour bridge from English to French.
20English to ArabicEnglish content, authentically Arabic.
19English to PortugueseGive me English, receive perfect Portuguese.
18English to SpanishYour go-to for English to Spanish translations.
17English to JapaneseYour go-to for English to Japanese translations.
16Chinese to EnglishFrom Chinese to English, seamlessly.
15SEO HemingwaySEO writing, Hemingway style.
14English to ChineseTranslate English to Chinese seamlessly.
13Pix MuseYour ideas, trending styles, one unique image.
12Mirror MuseUpload. Describe. Create. Art reimagined.
11Title TailorFitting your content with the ideal title.
10Auto CategoristI sort GPTs into their ideal categories.
9Convo Starter CraftTransforming your ideas into engaging conversation starters.
8Profile picture of Profile PixieProfile PixieWhere every profile picture or logo tells your story.
7Profile picture of DescriptionGPTDescriptionGPTI craft concise descriptions for your GPTs.
6Profile picture of NameGPTNameGPTI suggest creative GPT names.
5EmojiGPTYour text, my emojis, and a dash of humor!
4Profile picture of Global RankingsGlobal RankingsRanks websites globally
3Profile picture of Synonym SuggesterSynonym SuggesterI find the perfect synonym for any word!
2AntonymGPTAsk me for antonyms, expect a witty reply!
1Profile Image of AbbreviationGPTAbbreviationGPTSpecializes in abbreviations and their meanings
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